If you are interested in providing Designer services for a project:

1. Visit the website of the Office of State Architect to review the Designer Selection Process.

2. Register with the Office of State Architect.

3. For Major Projects, see the Requests for Designer Qualifications link.

4. For Standard and Minor Projects, see the project list below and follow these instructions:


a) Download and save the Designer Letter of Interest Form (dated November 2013) for Standard and Minor projects.

b) Complete the document specifically for the project in which you have interest.

c) The response should be no more than four pages (do not include photographs or other attachments).

d) Email the completed document (in PDF format) to the following address by the submittal deadline date shown: designer@tennessee.edu

5. The minimum amount of Professional Liability Insurance Coverage required for projects shown is One Million Dollars or the amount stated in the Request for Letters of Interest.

    Standard and Minor Projects

There are no Projects Requiring Designers at this time.

Check the Request for Designer Qualifications link for major project opportunities.